Girl, 4, out of LI hospital after being left in stolen car

January 12, 2010 3:45:40 PM PST
Police on Long Island are still looking for the two alleged thieves who crashed a stolen car into a home in Massapequa and then fled -- leaving an injured child in the back seat. Four-year-old Shyanne Evans was reportedly in good condition when she was picked up by her biological father from Nassau University Medical Center in East Meadow Tueasday afternoon, after being treated at the hospital overnight.

She winced as her dad planted a huge kiss on her. It is a good sign that life was getting back to normal after the crash. But Child Protective Services is said to be interviewing relatives to try and figure out how this child wound up in the stolen vehicle.

Shyanne clutched a teddy bear and her father, Kendall Evans. He said the news of a crash involving his daughter and a stolen car was and alarming wake-up call.

"I was scared to death," he said. "I didn't know what happened."

The nightmare unfolded Tuesday afternoon, just befor 4 p.m. in Massapequa. Police on routine patrol allegedly spotted a stolen vehicle. After a brief chase, the driver lost control and slammed into the garage of a house on Carmens Road. The driver and the passenger ditched the car, and the innocent little girl. Shyanne was alone and terrified.

"She said, 'Dad they left me. Eddie left me,'" Kendall Evans said. "She doesn't understand the fullness of it."

Police have not yet identified the suspects, but relatives believe the driver is Shyanne's mother's boyfriend. He was caring for the child because her mom is in jail on a DWI charge. Kendall Evans vowed to be a constant presence in his daughter's life.

"I thought about last night, what could have been," he said.

The car jumped a curb and plowed through a hedge rail before slamming into the house at 997 Carmens Road.

"We have to get a new door and a new entire thing," Lyn Kramer said, as she showed the damage to her garage.

The whole house shook when the car smashed into the front of the garage, but the real jolt came when Dorothy Caban went outside to investigate.

"I opened my arms and she tucked her head under my shoulder. She was crying. She quieted down, and I wrapped her in a blanket," Caban said.

The two men had jumped out and disappeared into the neighborhood, leaving Shyanne behind, dazed and frightened.

"She was complaining about her little hand," Caban said. "It was scraped. Then she was complaining about her tummy saying, 'My tummy hurts. My tummy hurts.'"

Caban said Shyanne told her she knew who had been driving the car, which may have been stolen in Brooklyn.