MTA retools 'Doomsday' budget plan

January 12, 2010 3:40:59 PM PST
The MTA is taking a fresh look at the proposal service cuts to see if they can lessen the impact of this year's so-called "Doomsday" budget. The plan is to make the proposed service reductions "more surgical in nature."

Already, the following service cuts have been restored:

  • V line will extend into Brooklyn, to replace the eliminated M.
  • Local bus routes Bx 34 and Bx 10 in the Bronx and B25 in Brooklyn will be restored.

    The MTA is looking at other possible restorations, and will soon present their proposed changes to the MTA board. As of now, the changes relating to student MetroCards are still on the table.

    The restorations will likely not be discussed at this month's hearing, scheduled for January 27.

    The cuts are designed to help fill a $400 million budget gap. The proposals included eliminating the W and Z trains and cutting service on the G and M. Dozens of bus lines would be also be scrapped or reduced.

    MTA officials are now trying to soften the cuts.

    State Senator Jeffrey Klein released the following statement regarding the Bx10, Bx14 and Bx34 lines:

    "I spoke with MTA Chairman Jay Walder today and made a personal plea, on behalf of my constituents, asking that he do everything possible to save the Bx34, Bx14 and Bx10 bus services. I explained how these lines are extremely important to the everyday life of my constituents in the Woodlawn, Riverdale, Spencer Estates, Country Club and Pelham Bay communities who take the bus to work, school and other appointments on a daily basis. While Chairman Walder cannot confirm any definite decisions at this time, he did assure me that he will do everything possible to save those routes. In the meantime, I've launched a petition drive, requesting residents to sign letters explaining the importance of these bus services which I will personally deliver to the Chairman."