Man saves elderly woman after fall on tracks

The News Leader

January 12, 2010 2:41:17 PM PST
A man from the Bronx is a true hero. He jumped onto the subway tracks to save an elderly woman who was knocked off the platform.

All he was thinking was, what if that happened to his mom?

Douglas Murphy had no idea Friday afternoon as he was heading home from work, that he was about to make a life changing decision at the Hunts Point subway station.

The 32-year-old had just stepped off of the 6 train, the express, and was waiting on the platform for the local.

Murphy says, 88-year-old Anna Lebron was standing, when a group of teenagers accidentally bumped into her, knocking her down onto the tracks and he raced to help her.

"I told her to get up, but she was unconscious," says Murphy.

Douglas remembers being focused, not thinking about the third rail or the possibly of a train rolling through and killing them both.

Douglas said Anna was cold, so he draped his coat over her and put his back pack under her.

"When we both got back on the platform, that's when the train came," adds Douglas.

Anna is resting in ICU at Lincoln Hospital. She fractured several ribs and her spine but is expected to make a full recovery.