Water workouts to get you out of the cold

The News Leader

January 12, 2010 3:29:04 PM PST
Forties may be in the forecast, but this has been a cold winter so far. And for many, the weather is disrupting their work out. But if you're tired of jogging in the cold, now you can trade your hat and gloves for a bathing suit.

While most people are bundling up, you can be hanging by the pool.

At the New York Health and Racket Club, the Aquafit class is the reason to strip down to the swim suit and squeeze in a 45-minute workout.

All age groups can participate, spending that time in water that's 84 degrees. It sure beats jogging in the cold.

And at the top of the Parker Meridien hotel, there's a breathtaking vista from the pool. But if you can peel your eyes from the view, you can focus on the Aqua Combat workout.

Styrofoam dumb bells help with resistance work, not that you really need any more resistance, since the water offers plenty. And afterwards, you'll be combat ready.

And at the Sports Club LA, they offer an aquatic version of pilates. Tina Orloff teaches POOLates, and the water offers some good challenges.

"With the buoyancy work, it's hard to stabilize and not float away from the pool floor," she said.

So while there isn't a lot of cardio, this class is still tough.

Even if you're not a member of any of these gyms, you can still take these classes.

Non-member day passes for the AquaFit class at the New York Health and Racket Club cost $50. CLICK HERE to visit NYHRC.com for more on the club.

The Aqua Combat is $25 for the class or $75 for a day pass. CLICK HERE for more information on the Park Meridien's Gravity Fitness.

POOLates is offered at The Sports Club/LA on the Upper East Side at 330 East 61st Street. A guest pass for the day is $35. CLICK HERE for more information on The Sports Club.