How to get the help to Haiti?

January 14, 2010 3:13:01 PM PST
The United Brotherhood of Carpenters is one of countless organizations trying to help Haitian earthquake victims any way it can. Canned goods are a good start.

"My intentions are for the food to get to Haiti, and that's what we're spearheading and driving," Anthony Agridiano, Dist. Council Organizer, said.

Supplies are stacking up with no clear direction on how to get the goods to the earthquake victims.

Agridiano is working with local elected officials to transport the food they've collected.

"We have good resources to find out how it's going to get there. They will let me know," Agridiano said.

The Haiti Consulate says they have a long list of organizations calling its office, waiting for instructions about how to get supplies to Haiti.

They don't have answer.

"We are hoping that the local government will make transportation available for the goods collected," Yoleine Milfort, Haitian Consulate Comm. Liason, said.

But the Hispanic clergy has come up with an alternative. They plan to ship the supplies they collect to Port-au-Prince.

"We have the assurance from Santo Domingo that we will be able to do this," Rev. Sen. Rueben Diaz said.