Earthquake survivors return home

January 15, 2010 3:10:23 PM PST
It was a welcomed, happy reunion. Walter Riley's safe return from Haiti brings relief to many in the ABC family. His daughter Denise James is a reporter for ABC's TV station in Philadelphia. Her family knew no peace until her father was found.

"It was painful because we saw people under buildings. We didn't know if they were," James said.

Riley was on a humanitarian mission when the quake struck. He and his team simply shifted into high gear with what little they had.

"We had water, alcohol, t-shirts. We had people with broken bones, cracked skulls," Riley said.

New York Livery driver Eddie Pompilus has a gut feeling about his two brothers and two sisters in Haiti.

"If you hear from someone, they say everyone's okay. The next call you get they say the house collapsed and they died. Everybody died," Eddie Pompilus said.

He came to McGuire to pick up possibly his only surviving sibling, his sister and her 6 month old son. In broken English, she can barely bring herself to talk about what she left behind.

"Morte. Catastrophe," Marjorie Pompilus said.

She tells her brother that the rest of the family, their brothers and sisters, are fine, but Eddie does not believe one word of it.

"I don't believe her. She's still in shock," he said.

So far, about 250 evacuees have arrived at McGuire from Haiti.

To check the database on survivors of the earthquake, or to provide information on a missing family member, go to