Archbishop Dolan prays for quake victims

January 21, 2010 8:19:51 PM PST
Rockland County Catholics joined Archbishop Dolan at St. Joseph's Parish in Spring Valley to pray for the victim's of the Earthquake in Haiti. "I hope my presence here is of support and encouragement to them," Archbishop Dolan said.

The Archbishop presided over Mass.

"I lost a lot of friends, cousins. It's just sad," Rodrigue Lustin said.

Lustin says after a difficult week the prayers helped.

"This is great. We all come together to bring our spirit up," Lustin said.

This mass is part of a series of events that Archbishop Dolan has participated in since the earthquake, offering his support to Haitian-Americans in the New York area.

On Friday, the Archbishop heads to Haiti along with supplies for earthquake survivors.

He is going there to also attend the funeral of Archibishop Joseph Serge Miot. He died when the Cathedral in Port au Prince collapsed in the earthquake.

His body was pulled from the rubble on Tuesday.

"I'll just be there to pray for the people to indicate our solidarity and love for them at a troubled time," the archbishop said.

He came to Spring Valley on Thursday night for the same reason.

"Very encouraging to keep on going for Haiti," Nicole Pierre said.