Haitians in Brooklyn wait for word

January 15, 2010 7:08:46 PM PST
A small memorial outside Chez Clotilde expresses the thoughts of this largely Caribbean American community at Haiti's greatest hour of need. The candles of mourning, a Haitian flag, newspaper photos showing the destruction and despair.

But it's the words of those grieving for loved ones there that heartbreakingly illustrate the pain.

"My mother, my two sisters, my nephew. They're all over there and they're all dead," Jean Calixte said.

"I asked my sister is my kids alive. She said yes, both of them are alive. Since that day, I don't hear from no one," Danielle Gourdetlamy said.

Gourdetlamy says that split second phone call is the closest contact she's had with sons Dansaulishor and Gordy and her mother, Ellen Joseph, since just after the quake.

She's frantically appealing for help.

"If they see them, please try everything that's in your power to help me get my sons back," she said.