New York Boat Show takes over Javits Center

January 20, 2010 3:23:42 PM PST
The 105th New York Boat Show is taking over the Javits Center through Sunday. It's the perfect destination for buyers and dreamers alike, featuring more than 1,000 of the newest and best boats. The boat show usually takes place over nine days in December, but the show shifted to January this year in the hopes of attracting more buyers. The show is only being held for five days this time around, so the pressure is on to sell.

Retired Price Pennington, of Queens, hopes to enjoy his post-working years on a boat. He's come to the New York boat show to see, shop and possibly buy. And that's exactly what the dealers are counting on.

Matthew Barbara, of Marine Max, hopes to sell about 75 boats during the next five days. They are sales that will make up about 25 percent of his revenue for the year. That's far fewer sales than when the economy was strong, but an improvement over last year.

Many of those sales, according to the show's organizer, will be for affordable boats, ones that cost about $250 a month or less with 20 percent down.

And to entice sales, there's the Affordibility Pavilion, showcasing boats in the under-$10,000 range. And while the number of exhibitors has stayed steady, this year they're renting less floor space at the Javits Center to save money. It's a sign that the waters are still a bit choppy.

And some buyers may use that to their advantage, hoping the tough economy will help them get a better deal.

Pennington may also get a better deal, and he knows exactly what he wants - a boat with a kitchen.

That's because If a boat has a bathroom, sleeping quarters and kitchen, it can be classified as a tax-deductable second home, offering significant savings come tax season.

An interesting tidbit - 76 percent of the boats out there are owned by families with a household income under $100,000. So while you might think of boating as an activity for the wealthy, it is more affordable than that.

Tickets are $12 for adults. Kids 15 and under are free.

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