Outrage over MTA's plan to repair the '7' line

A train arrives to the Astor Place station early Friday, Dec. 16, 2005 in New York. (AP Photo/ Dima Gavrysh)

January 30, 2010 9:07:03 AM PST
Politicians and commuters are outraged over MTA's planned weekend service disruptions on the "7" line.Weekend closures on the "7" train are set to start January 29th and commuters say the plan which includes bus transfers, will result in big headaches.

Without the "7" train, Long Island City residents say their commute will get longer and more inconvenient.

They say the shuttle to Queens Plaza just won't cut it.

Long Island City leaders and residents are fuming over the MTA's plan to disrupt service on the 7 train, for 6 weekends for repair work.

They understand the maintenance needs to be done, but the back up plan for commuters leaves a lot to be desired.

"It's really just a slap in the face to the Long Island City community, to do this without input and then to have a shuttle service. That doesn't really get to the heart of where people need to go to and from," NYC Council Speaker, Christine Quinn said.

Over the years, Long Island City has become more residential and less industrial. One of the selling points of living there is the growing restaurant scene and the quick commute to Manhattan.

"We want the shuttle bus to appreciate when we have these outages to reflect that. Taking an extra five minutes to Midtown Tunnel, or Grand Central, but not 40 minutes the other way to Queens Plaza," resident Dale Jennings said.

The service disruptions will last for 6 weekends, from January 29 to March 29th.