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Seven On Your Side
January 22, 2010 7:06:37 PM PST
The New Jersey man couldn't believe his eyes, an $800 credit over-charge for just a couple of pizzas. What's even worse, it's not the first time we found this pizza joint over-charging hundreds for pricey pizza."I thought it is poor business. I think it's terrible business, terrible way to treat the community." Stuart Rosenthal's talking about his local pizzeria, Angelo's Brick Oven Pizza Cafe, in Howell, New Jersey, who, he says, gave him indigestion when it over-charged his debit card nearly a grand.

"I personally think we got to stop them. And the community needs to know about it," said the Howell resident.

Before Christmas, Stuart ordered a few pizzas from Angelo's. Total? 24 dollars and change. But on his bank statement? "We were hit with a $816.57 charge from the restaurant."

That's right, a $24 dinner, became an $816 bill. That's too much dough. So Stuart complained to the owner. "He immediately said 'Oh, I know about this, I didn't know who it was. It's been taken care of. You should see it posted in a few days.'" But the refund didn't happen.

Back in October, 7 On Your Side found Angelo's over-charging again, soaking a customer $900 on just six pizzas. Tappy Phillips confronted the owner, who said it was "100 percent" his fault and paid the customer back in full on the spot.

Stuart saw our October report on-line. "I said that's the same thing I'm going through right now. And I am not gonna wait 3 mos to get my money back."

So we called Angelo's yet again. Within an hour of our call? Stuart got paid back in full.

"I think you guys did a great job. I'm very impressed with the reaction time and I appreciate everything you guys did."

The owner told us the takes full responsibility for the over-charge, and says he facillitated a charge-back immediately, but it took longer to show up on Stuart's account. Last time, he blamed it on a rogue employee he eventually fired. This time? He says one of his staff made a mistake. By the way, we found yet another customer, who says she was over-charged $500 in October by Angelo's. Luckily, she resolved the problem herself.

Story by: Nina Pineda

Produced by: Steve Livingstone