Push-in robbery by fake delivery man in Harlem

January 23, 2010 7:34:24 PM PST
A daring daylight push-in robbery has left one woman wounded and police on the look-out for a suspect. The robber apparently pretended to be a delivery man when he buzzed an apartment along West 111th Street in Harlem.

Some of the initial reports state that the bullet went through the woman's leg, but Eyewitness News is told she's okay and in stable condition.

The 60-year-old woman was able to walk out of the building and speak to officers, before getting onto a stretcher outside her building.

This robbery happened around 1:30 Saturday afternoon at 157 West 111th Street.

Police say a fake delivery man, dressed in all brown, made his way up to a second floor apartment. When the resident opened the door, he shot her in the leg before stealing some jewelry and other items from the household and then ran away.

Some neighbors say they heard someone trying to get buzzed into the apartment, but they didn't respond.

Police were going through some of the surveillance cameras from the neighborhood to identify the suspect.