Teen murdered while walking dog in Brooklyn

January 26, 2010 10:28:02 PM PST
A face of hope and promise, 19-year old Pharley Petigny is now the face of a young man tragically lost. "Man, it's crazy because like it's gangs. It's gangs, you know what I mean," said neighbor Nathan Charles.

Who Petigny encountered while walking his dog, a gang or one person, at Beverley Street and East 31st in Flatbush and what might have been the motive are nagging questions after he was suddenly shot. It happened around 7:00 on Monday night.

"Three shots rang out. He is hit in the shoulder. He then runs several blocks and he dies as a result," Commissioner Raymond Kelly said.

The end of a young 19-year-old life happened just a block from his home, where a number of school safety officers mourned his death with his family in seclusion. His mother is a safety officer.

There was promise with this young man. Friends and family confirm he attended classes at Kingsborough Community College, even worked two jobs.

Now a patrol officer walks a lonely beat here as they search for a suspect after another young life is lost to senseless gun violence.