Need to rescan? Find out how

Rescan your converter box.

March 2, 2010 8:54:09 AM PST
Here are five easy steps to rescanning your converter box!Now that the digital transition has occured, viewers with converter boxes will occassionally need to re-scan them in order to make sure they're getting all the channels available and best reception possible. Follow these simple steps that will help you receive digital signals.

Step One: Disconnect your antenna from the converter box. Access your television's menu.

Step Two: Following your television's on-screen instructions for looking for new channels, re-scan the converter box or digital television without the antenna connected.

Step Three: When the box finishes looking for channels, unplug your converter box or television for several minutes.

Step Four: Reconnect your antenna to the converter box tightly, and plug everything back in.

Step Five: Go back to your television's main menu and rescan for the new channels one more time. Once the scan is finished, check to make sure that your channels are now available!

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