Cold enough for you?

December 15, 2010 11:15:27 AM PST
A blast from the Arctic has arrived just in time for the weekend. A cold front pushed through on Thursday bringing strong winds and bitterly cold temperatures.

Most of us will be lucky if we get out of the 20s over the weekend.

Before the front pushed through, a snowfall covered parts of the area making the morning commute into a mess.

In New Jersey, the driver of a BMW learned that sometimes even your best effort isn't good enough going uphill in such conditions.

"Put it this way, I gave it a try coming up the hill and if it didn't take, I wasn't going to try. I smoothly went pass those other cars. Then I got right to right up there and I slowed down a little because the car started to slide. You caught the whole thing, so that's life in ice," Stan Green said.

It was a tad embarrassing, but Stan was okay. His car was a little banged up as was the car he hit driven by Don Becker.

"Very tough, very tough. There's a lot of accidents on the road. We're the third accident on the road right in this area," Becker said.

Minutes earlier, don had slid down the same road with his wife and young son in the car and hit a truck.

The snow caught him by surprise. The ice underneath it took care of the rest.

To the north, at the Bedford Hills train station, they spent the afternoon clearing the platform in anticipation of the evening commute. Spinouts and fender benders were everywhere

It was a scene played out on virtually every parkway and expressway in the northern suburbs: long delays and in some cases traffic at a complete standstill.

Crews scrambled to clear accidents and remove the layer of slushy snow that made it tough for cars and buses to get through.

Getting around on secondary roads was even trickier. In Elmsford, the wintery blast looked pretty, but going up some hills was next to impossible.

The good news is the snow is gone, but the bitter cold is here to stay for awhile.