Flower Graffiti in NYC

The News Leader

March 28, 2011 3:04:57 PM PDT
A florist is doing what she can to spruce up Manhattan, one flower at a time."I always liked giving flowers," said Bella Meyer, the owner of "Fleurs Bella".

She likes giving so much so, that Bella now makes it her business to give flowers.

She started "Fleurs Bella" 6 years ago

"I like building big things," Bella added.

She likes creating large arrangements for weddings and other events.

But, she also likes making tiny ones too.

The tiny ones she doesn't sell, instead she gives them away.

"We just take the individual flowers, cut them short, and we'll give them to them," explained Meyer.

Once a month, she and her staff hit to streets of New York, giving away poesies.

"Perfect so beautiful, thank you!" exclaimed one lucky recipient.

Back to work days and rainy days are particularly good days to give out flowers.

Most people seem to enjoy the surprise, but not everyone is so thankful.

"I don't want it, I'd rather be unhappy," grumbled one person on the street.

Bella's flowers aren't just for people, they're for places, floral graffiti if you will.

For Bella, there's a great attachment to flowers.

She says they very much remind her of her grandfather. "He loved to paint flowers, because he thought they were the epitome of beauty, and nothing could be as beautiful as flowers," explained Bella.

Her grandfather was Marc Chagall.

Bella may not paint flowers, but she has a deft hand in giving them.

"I have no flowers left, but I'm very happy I gave some flowers, it's wonderful!" said Bella.

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