Feral Beagle problem

February 3, 2010 8:26:57 AM PST
A band of beagles is scaring residents on part of Long Island. The diminutive dogs don't normally threaten people, but these hounds are wild and running in packs.

7-month-old Trapper is a big baby.

He's too young to hold it in all night, so his owner Dot Faszczewski has gotten used to their midnight walks. They're usually uneventful, but that all changed two weeks ago. "I could hear them coming towards me, it was a ferocious kind of barking," described Dot Faszczewski of Orient Point.

Two or three vicious animals were lurking in the bushes.

"I quickly grabbed my dogs and came running into the house, just as we got in the dogs jumped at the door. I thought it was just some wolves coming at me," explained Dot.

It wasn't a pack of wolves, it was a bunch of beagles.

"Certainly if they're out in a pack and they're starving and they're freezing, they're going to become aggressive," said Pam Green of the Kent Animal Shelter.

Green runs the Kent Animal Shelter on the east end, which believe it or not, is overrun with feral beagles.

It's been a huge problem for many years now.

Now, Dot Faszczewski keeps an even tighter grip on Trapper, as she wonders who would be so heartless to leave their beagles to fend for themselves.

"Poor dogs will freeze to death out there," said Dot.

For more information on adopting a beagle, visit www.kentanimalshelter.com.