Students protest outside MTA headquarters

The News Leader

February 1, 2010 4:02:50 PM PST
Students protested outside MTA headquarters Monday because the agency says it can no longer fund student cards. Student protestors made sure they were loud enough to be heard at MTA headquarters, across the street from where they stood.

It was a day off for the students Monday, as citywide high school teachers were involved with meetings all day.

The protestors, however, felt this was worth the time.

Nearly 600,000 students receive MetroCard benefits.

In a statement Monday, the MTA said, "It is the MTA's aspiration that New York City school children continue to benefit from free or discounted rides, but it is the responsibility of the city and state to fully fund the student MetroCard program and we can longer afford to subsidize it."

After about an hour the protesters broke up peacefully, vowing to protest again and again, until their MetroCard privileges are assured.