Get your Elvis on at Graceland Brooklyn salon

February 4, 2010 3:22:19 PM PST
They're channeling Elvis in Brooklyn, as a new salon pays homage to The King. It's called Graceland Brooklyn, and it was in the works for about two years. And while it's very much a tribute to Elvis, you don't have to love Presley to go there.

The top's got to be up in order to get that pompadour look, and this is the place to do it. Graceland is complete with the requisite image of The King, in velvet, in a Williamsburg space that has its own interesting history.

The building once housed the Rumbler's Club, a motorcycle gang, and it's where they repaired bikes for years.

Gone are the bikes and, instead, there are vintage barber shop chairs. There's a velvet one from 1901 and a crocodile one from 1920.

And on the other side of the salon is a tattoo parlor.

Tattoo artist and owner Joshua Lord is open to doing most requests. And yes, he anticipates an Elvis request or two.

So whether you're getting inked or styled, you're welcome to play music on the piano, the guitar or turntable.

It doesn't have to be something from Elvis, but then again, this is Graceland. And while stylists and owners Corvette Hunt and Bethany Paul don't wear blue suede shoes, they are always carrying a little of Elvis and help their clients do the same as they leave the building.

And yes, they do any hairstyle you want, it doesn't have to be a pompadour. Graceland Brooklyn is open Tuesday through Sunday. It is located at 7716 5th Avenue. Call (718) 836-6919 for more information.