Accused Stein killer denied new lawyer

The News Leader

February 8, 2010 11:06:15 AM PST
The judge has denied a request by the assistant accused of murdering Linda Stein for a new attorney. Natavia Lowery claimed she was dissatisfied by her representation.

The trial is now in its third week.

Testimony was set to resume with the main investigator to take the stand when her attorneys asked to be recused from the case.

Lowery, in a written statement she read to the court, said she and her attorneys were at an "impasse" over trial strategy.

The prosecution argued this was "gamesmanship on the part of a desperate defendant who see the writing on the wall."

The judge denied the request saying, "It is this court opinion the 3 attorneys have show great skill."

The judge, citing the questions the attorneys have asked and the large amount of work already done, said it would be unfair to ask a new attorney to step in.

The judge urged Lowery to get along with them and " get over it...they're doing a good job."

Her family disagreed and erupted in court, demanding new counsel for her. They were escorted out of the courtroom.