Chair dance your way to a sexier body

September 28, 2010 2:29:10 AM PDT
Valentine's Day is coming, and now there's a sexy workout that will whip you into shape. It's chair dancing.Just when you thought you've seen it all, this workout uses one prop to deliver results. And it's something you wouldn't associate with working out.

Before you take Marlowe Fisken's class at Clay Fitness, you'll need a little privacy. The Chair Dance Workshop starts on the floor, and the gyrating begins almost immediately. And while it's sexy, you'll really feel the muscles working.

"There's a lot of hair, there's a lot of legs, a lot of arching, feminine movements, but you'll feel your muscles working for sure," one participant said.

The music is rhythmic, and thanks to the curtain, anything goes.

"I want them to shake and jiggle freely," Fisken said. "It's the only class where jiggling is encouraged."

And you'll do your share of shaking, rotating and swivelling. Then, it's onto the chair. You learn some basic hip moves, and soon you feel like Jennifer Beals in Flashdance.

Marlowe adds more moves until you've got a routine going. Eventually, you'll loosen up and channel that inner vixen.

The class is for women only, so that you can lose all those inhibitions and get the best workout possible.

Clay Fitness is located at 25 West 14th Street in Manhattan. CLICK HERE to visit Clay will be offering free day passes to the first 100 viewers who respond. For more information, call 212-206-9200.