Green gym helps both health and environment

The News Leader

February 11, 2010 3:31:42 PM PST
When you head to the gym, you're probably thinking about improving your health, not the environment. But what if you could do both?

Now, there is a gym in Brooklyn that's environmentally-friendly from the floor to the ceiling.

Any gym is hard to find in this part of the Bushwick section, but the Green Fitness Studio at 232 Varet Stree is a gym unlike any other.

And the gym isn't just green in color, but in it's approach, as well. Take the refurbished equipment, for example. Some machines don't even require any electric. And the floors are recycled.

The atrium features heat-mirrored glass, which helps reduce heating and cooling costs. And there's a living roof, which is a roof covered in sod or other greenery. It conserves rain water, which comes through the grass.

And if you get thirsty, you can drink something from the organic juice bar. Organic products are used for facials, towels are washed in eco-friendly detergent and the list goes on. It all makes that workout feel like you're doing good for your body and the environment.

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