Snow removal problems in NYC

The News Leader

February 15, 2010 1:10:11 PM PST
The anticipated snow storm is coming less than one week after another storm that people are still digging out from. Residents in Middle Village Queens say they have been shoveling for days.

Eileen O'Grady, like others, spent the day clearing the snow from around cars parked on the street.

It's a must do, if you don't want your vehicle to end up buried beyond the bumper.

"You just try to get rid of the snow, there's no place to put it, it ices over, sanitation trucks come down to plow the street, you kind of get blocked in each time, you dig out and get blocked in again," said resident Eileen O'Grady.

In Ridgewood, it's clear some cars have not been moved in days.

Monday is the fourth day drivers have enjoyed the benefits of suspended alternate side parking and will most likely do so for a few more days, given the pending storm and Ash Wednesday.

But not having to move your car has its down side. Sandra Ortiz says that it's nearly impossible to find open parking spaces, and when you do, your car gets stuck in all the snow.

The Sanitation Department says clearing snow was a priority late last week, crews then concentrated on garbage pick up over the weekend.

Although that was a challenge on the Upper West Side, piles of snow made it difficult to get to everything.

Now its back to snow preps, as Joe Vetere also tries to clear ice from in front of his driveway.

"You know you're not supposed to put it in the street. But the sun is melting it. If you put this on the news and I get a summons, you're in trouble!" laughed Upper West Side resident Joe Vetere.