Salt spa opens in New York City

February 15, 2010 3:40:53 PM PST
A type of spa popular overseas is now popping up in New York City.It's made of salt.

It not only has beauty benefits, but can improve your health as well.

There are more than a thousand salt spas in eastern Europe, and a handful in Israel.

Now there's one in New York City named "Halo".

With this being cold and flu season, sitting in the salt, may help you feel better.

It's a room where everything is white.

The door is hermetically sealed and covered with salt.

5-year-old Leah thinks it's fun to be inside the room.

She gets to wear booties that cover her shoes, and she gets to play inside.

"It's playtime as you can see, she has her video games," explains Leah's father, Yuval Navon.

Her father believes the salt is good for her.

"A lot of times she has her sinuses blocked and the salt helps make her breathing much easier," said Navon.

These rooms simulate the microclimate of the salt caves found in eastern Europe.

Many believe that those caves help cure skin issues and breathing problems.

Ron Rofe brought his mother to salt caves to help her lungs, now he's bringing salt rooms to New York with "Halo".

"Everything is covered completely in salt, everything the technology grinds the air, crystalized salt particles," said Rofe.

There's a kids room and 4 other rooms, equipt with TV's.

While too much salt in your diet may be a bad thing, here the salt you breathe in, you also breathe out.

"It helps people detox their airwaves and people with a lot of discomfort from allergies, asthma, and bronchitis, things like that," said Rofe.

Ron recommends 14 hour-long sessions a year for adults.

Insurance doesn't cover the hundred dollar hour-long sessions.

Yuval would like that to change, but in the meantime, he's helping his daughter get what she needs.

"For what it does for her it's really worth it," said Navon.

Eyewitness news viewers who mention this story will get a "buy one session get one free" offer at at "Halo" for the air salt rooms.

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