Two men murdered in Teaneck

February 18, 2010 6:24:22 PM PST
Who killed them and why are the unanswered questions after two men were found dead inside an SUV on Thursday morning.The shootings happened on Oakdene Avenue at Queen Anne Road sometime overnight. Both men suffered multiple gunshot wounds, according to police.

Maaka Njoku is worried about retaliation, and who could blame her.

The men were shot to death inside a black Ford SUV parked just feet from her door.

Her mother found the bodies.

"She came back down and I guess attempted to wake them up, but she didn't. I guess she noticed that there was a bullet wound and saw blood. She came frantically running in the house and told my sister to call 911," Njoku explained.

The Bergen County prosecutor says the driver has been tentatively identified as Jonathan Beneduce, 28, of Howard Beach in Queens. Beneduce is single, unemployed and resides with his parents.

The passenger has been tentatively identified as Michael Mirasola, 27, of Ozone Park. Mirasola is also single, resides with his parents and is also unemployed.

Marvin Williams drove past it two hours before 911 was called.

"I was going down and the passenger door was wide open. When I was coming back down, the passenger door was still wide open," he said.

Wide open and the engine still running with two men shot to death inside.

You could see three clear bullet holes in the passenger side window as the car was being towed away by police with the bodies still inside.

Investigators said they still do not know why the two men were targeted.