Suffolk County authorities bust wheel theft ring

February 18, 2010 3:44:45 PM PST
Prosecutors on eastern Long Island say they've busted a theft ring that targeted expensive wheel rims on luxury cars. Suffolk County District Attorney Thomas Spota says five people are accused of stealing nearly 250 wheel rims and tires from auto dealerships and homes. He estimates the cost of the thefts and damage exceeds $250,000.

One of the defendants nicknamed the group the "Rim Reapers," according to Spota. Some of the cars targeted were Cadillac Escalades, Acuras, and Nissan Maximas.

The prosecutor says one set of four rims could cost as much $4,000. They were sold for as little as $500 on the street. He says other stolen items were sold online.

The arrests follow a seven-month investigation.