Salon in Park Slope caters to kids

February 22, 2010 3:18:59 PM PST
"Felicity" salon in Park Slope, Brooklyn is designed especially for children ages 8 to 18.It may look like a chic salon, but if you look a little closer, you'll notice that the clients are all kids.

"Our target audience is 8 to 18," said Rhonda Gittens, co-owner of "Felicity".

Rhonda Gittens and Gisselle Singleton opened "Felicity" in November.

Their goal isn't to emphasize beauty, but rather, good hygiene and girl bonding.

At "Felicity" the staff can work with any and all hair types.

"Your child can come in with her best friend who is Asian, and she can come in with her best friend who is Hispanic and everyone can come into one place and get their hair done," said Gittens.

They opened in Park Slope, because of the community's diversity.

"Park Slope is everything I wanted this salon to be, I wanted it to be cool, I wanted it to be funky, I wanted to have people regardless of their diversity come in, be comfortable, and be relaxed and get exquisite service," said Gisselle Singleton, co-owner of "Felicity".

Manicures and pedicures feature kid friendly colors.

Kids say they love the idea that the salon was created just for them and say that it makes them feel special.

"It's nice and very, very creative," said one happy customer.

There's a lounge and snack bar, it's great for birthday parties, and for girls who want to feel pampered and mature!

"I feel like I am 17, but I'm really 7," said one of the salon's younger customers.

It's a good thing she brought mom along, because she has the money!