New Jersey man dead for a year before his body was found

January 27, 2012 1:39:38 PM PST
A sad and disturbing story out of New Jersey where a man's body was found a year after he died.

The body of a man discovered in his home.

Police say he's been dead for more than a year. No one noticed except, eventually, for a neighbor.

Donald Dumsky lived and died in the house. While he was alive, no one really knew him, and when he was dead for more than a year inside, no one knew that either.

"He didn't want anyone interfering in his privacy," said Valarie Boyle

So most people left him alone. Stephen and Valerie Boyle own the Crossroads Eatery. Donald went there almost every day.

A man of few words, when his truck broke down Donald began to walk everywhere, miles a day. His house was in shambles, but the town would cut the grass when neighbors complained.

"Christmas and thanksgiving I would bring a plate of food over, sometimes he would take it sometimes he wouldn't," said Will Horn.

No real red flags went up when people didn't see him for a while or when the mail backed up, because Dumsky was a recluse.

But those who did know him as best as one could, are disturbed his life ended the way it did.

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