Monserrate tries to win back State Senate seat

February 24, 2010 3:46:59 PM PST
Jose Peralta is running against one of the most known politicians in Queens. Hiram Monserrate, convicted of a misdemeanor for dragging his girlfriend though a hallway, is running again.

The New York State Senate voted to boot Monserrate and a special election is just over two weeks away, and he got his name on the ballot.

Monserrate even set up a re-election office. He got almost six thousand signatures to put his name on the ballot.

"Well, I have never been a quitter. I have been a fighter for my community. We are defending the rights of voters who voted in 2008 and have been disenfranchised by an unlawful and illegal act committed by the New York State Senate," Monserrate said.

In this district of Jackson Heights and East Elmhust, some voters are appalled at what's happening. Quite a few, though, still support Monserrate.

Peralta has been questioned about allegedly steering taxpayer money to a non-profit that's out-of-business, but this election is focused on one person -- his opponent.

"Everyone I have been talking to say enough is enough. We're frustrated with this individual. We're tired. We're gonna come out March 16th," Peralta said.

Monserrate might have an advantage in the special election. Peralta is not that well known and the election is just a couple weeks away.

If Monserrate wins, he's probably safe. It's doubtful the state senate or the courts would take up the matter again.