No business like snow business

February 24, 2010 8:35:27 PM PST
Many small business owners are already struggling due to the recession. These severe winter storms can force some businesses to take yet another hit. For others, there may as well be money falling from the sky.

"A snow day is very good for us," Frank Cardillo said.

The ovens will be fired up at Quakerridge Pizza when the delivery orders start rolling in.

"Personally, I like the snow, so I'm not sick of it, and it's good for business," he said.

At the Grape Exchange in New Rochelle, customers are stocking up on wine, knowing they'll likely be snowed in for the next few days. Sales typically double on the day before the storm and the owners promise even during the storm, they'll deliver.

"I promised someone a bottle of vodka and said I would deliver it personally on Friday," Michael Grossberg said.

Clothing retailers are struggling to convince shoppers make the trek in the storm. For stores with an online presence, it's not all bad.

"People can't go out, so they're home in front of the computer so they shop that way," said Adrianne Pasquarelli of Crain's New York.

Too bad you can't get your hair done online, then maybe Linda Zeiss would be better off. Business at her hair salon is down 75 percent on snow days. "Business was already hard because of the recession, now it's worse," she said.

Many restaurants are also struggling with cancelled reservations, but for every snowstorm business loser, there's a winner. Not surprisingly, hardware stores are making lots of money this winter on all of the salt, shovels, and snowplows.