White Plains Mayor Bradley charged with assault

White Plains Mayor Adam Bradley

February 28, 2010 8:26:09 PM PST
White Plains Mayor Adam Bradley is charged with 3rd degree assault following a domestic disturbance at his home Saturday night. Inside City Hall, Mayor Adam Bradley, gave his side of the story.

He read from a brief statement at a news conference Sunday night, but refused to answer any questions from reporters.

"This is a deeply personal matter, and something that happened within my family. I'm not going to discuss these charges in detail other than to say that I'm innocent and that I will contest the charges," said Mayor Bradley.

Bradley is accused of assaulting his wife, Fumiko, Saturday night at the couple's White Plains home.

His wife went to the police Sunday morning.

The complaint she filed against her husband says that Bradley physically injured her by, "grabbing her left arm and placing her hand against a door frame" and that "with his other hand (he) closed the door on his wife's hand, causing pain and bruising to her left middle finger". "I have to set the record straight. I did not mistreat my wife in any way. There have been problems in my marriage for some time and I have made many efforts to deal with them. At this time my thoughts are with my family and our two beautiful daughters," said Mayor Bradley.

This family photo is from the mayor's personal website.

Mrs. Bradley and the couple's two young daughters were home Sunday night.

The Mayor's wife refused to comment to Eyewitness News about the alleged domestic dispute.

Their neighbor Joe Catania says as far as he knew they're a great family and great neighbors.

"They're nice. It wouldn't even cross my mind if it did happen," said Catania.

The mayor is charged with assault in the 3rd degree, a misdemeanor charge.

Bradley was released on his own recognizance.

He is staying with his parents Sunday night.

Eyewitness News expects to get more information from police Monday morning.

No word yet on what this could mean politically for the mayor.

His next court appearance is scheduled for Friday.