Meetings held over proposed MTA service cuts

March 1, 2010 6:34:35 PM PST
The MTA is proposing a wide array of service changes and levels of service changes. Fare changes include discontinuing or reducing the half-fare discount for eligible students. It's also proposed to discontinue or reduce the full-fare discount for eligible students.

The Rockaway/Broad Cannel resident rebate program could also be discontinued.

Subway service changes could include:

Discontinuing "G" service between Court Sq and Forest Hills-71 Ave at all times.

Discontinuing "W" service, extending "Q" service to Astoria during the hours the "W" line currently operates, and operate "N" local as well.

In Manhattan north of Canal St., Discontinue "M" service, and extend "V" service from the Broadway-Lafayette St. to Metropolitan Ave.

Discontinuing Staten Island Railway baseball special service.

MTA bus service changes could include:

In the Bronx, discontinuing the Bx14, Bx18, Bx25, X32, BxM4A, BxM7B and the Barretto Park Pool bus services.

Discontinuing the Bx20, Bx33, Bx34, and Bx55 on weekends.

Discontinuing the Bx34 overnight. Reduce operating hours on Bx17, Bx20, Bx32, Bx33 and Bx55.

Re-route or discontinue portions of the Bx5, Bx8, Bx26, Bx28, Bx30 and Bx41.

Extending a portion of the Bx39.

In Brooklyn, Discontinuing the B23, B37, B39, B51, B71, B75, B77, X29, X37 and X38.

Discontinuing the B2, B24, B69, X27 and X28 on weekends.

Discontinuing the B7, B31, B45, B57, B64, B65 and B67 overnight.

Reducing the operating hours on B2, B9, B11, B13, B16 and B24.

Reroute or discontinuing portions of the B1, B3, B4, B8, B12, B13, B48, B64, B69, B70, and Q24. Extend portion of B57, B61, B69, X27 and X28.

In Manhattan, discontinuing the M6, M18, M27, M30, B39, B51, X25 and X90.

Discontinuing the M8, M21, M22, M50, Bx20 and Bx33 on weekends.

Discontinuing the M1, M8, M16, M22, M50 and M66 overnight.

Reducing the operating hours on the M11, M20, M21, M98, M100, M116, Bx20 and Bx33.

Reroute or discontinue portion of M1, M3, M5, M9, M10, M15, M21, M22, M42, M98 and M104.

Extending portions of the M5 and M20.

In Queens, discontinuing the Q14, Q42, Q74, Q75, Q79, Q89, QM22, QM23, X32 and X51.

Discontinuing the Q31 and Q76 on weekends.

Discontinuing the Q30 overnight.

Reducing the operating hours on Q26 and Q48.

Discontinuing a portion of the Q24.

In Staten Island, discontinuing the S42, S60, S67, X6, X9, X13, X16, X18 and X20.

Discontinuing the S54 and S76 on weekends.

Reducing the operating hours of S54, S57, S66 and X1. Reroute or discontinue portion of S40/90, S52 and X14.

In Nassau County, discontinuing the N3, N17, N26, N28, N53, N65, N66, N67, N87, N88, N93, N94 and N95.

Rerouting or discontinuing portions of the N1, N2 and N23.

Reducing operating hours on the N14 and N62.

On the LIRR, discontinuing weekend service on West Hempstead branch.

Reducing weekday off-peak & weekend service on Port Washington branch from half-hourly to hourly.

Discontinuing service to Belmont station except for Belmont Stakes.

Discontinuing service between Greenport and Ronkonkoma except during summer weekends.

There are seven remaining public hearings on the proposed MTA service cuts.

Tues, 3/2/10
College of Staten Island
Springer Concert Hall, 1P Building
2800 Victory Boulevard, Staten Island

Tues, 3/2/10
Sheraton LaGuardia East Hotel
Phoenix Ballroom
135-20 39th Avenue, Flushing, Queens

Wed, 3/3/10
The Paradise Theatre
2403 Grand Concourse at 187 St, Bronx

Wed, 3/3/10
Brooklyn Museum
Cantor Auditorium,
200 Eastern Parkway, Brooklyn

Thurs, 3/4/10
Holiday Inn-Suffern
3 Executive Boulevard, Suffern

Thurs, 3/4/10
Fashion Institute of Technology
Haft Auditorium, Seventh Avenue
at 27 Street, Manhattan

Monday, 3/8/10
County Center-Riverhead
Suffolk County Legislative Auditorium
Evans K. Griffing Bldg
300 Center Drive,
Riverhead, Long Island

The MTA board vote is scheduled for March 24th.