NYC taxi driver found to be scamming riders

The News Leader

March 2, 2010 5:13:34 AM PST
An administrative judge has recommended revoking the license of a taxi driver who scammed hundreds of New York City passengers. The driver, identified as Wasid Khalid Cheema, was accused of ripping off passengers by setting the meter at the rate for suburban trips instead of city trips.

That rate is double the city rate.

The city began examining the driver's records after a passenger complained that the fare had increased "very rapidly" during a ride from Manhattan to Queens in July 2009.

Officials determined the Cheema was overcharging by reviewing records from GPS devices, which were recently required in all taxis.

The judge's Jan. 21 ruling was made public Monday. The judge also recommended a $500 fine.

Cheema, did not show up for the hearing.