WABC's digital power enhanced

March 2, 2010 7:57:36 AM PST
We all made the big switch from analog to digital TV last summer.Cable and satellite customers were automatically prepared for the transition because they don't rely on over-the-air signals. But many of our viewers had to buy digital converter boxes, own TVs with internal digital tuners, or buy new digital antennas.

But even with all that, too many of our viewers still couldn't tune in to Channel 7. So last week, with the FCC's permission, WABC-TV boosted its digital signal.

Chief Engineer Kurt Hanson says, "We have more than doubled our power. And our hope, our goal is that these viewers that have been having erratic or spotty reception - our hope and goal is that this increase will allow them to receive WABC's signal without interruption or interference."

Glenn Oak, Queens viewer Anne Gallagher says, "I knew when I saw a weak signal it was a good sign, it was better than saying no program."

Gallagher has already found that the more powerful Channel 7 signal means she only needed to reposition her antenna after first rescanning her TV to reset the channels. Now Channel 7 comes in loud and clear.

"This is the biggest difference since June, getting ABC," Gallagher adds.

Anne says she's finally able to watch her favorite ABC shows, programming she has not been able to tune into since the switch to digital eight months ago.

Gallagher says she missed "Who Wants to be a Millionaire?," "Oprah," "Jeopardy," "Wheel of Fortune," "Grey's Anatomy," "20/20," Barbara Walters' specials, and sometimes the news.