The Davidson Community Daycare Center pays up

Seven On Your Side
March 5, 2010 8:21:15 PM PST
There's fiscal frustration at a taxpayer-subsidized daycare center in the Bronx. A center, mismanaged so badly, it forgot to pay a teacher's life insurance premiums, and thousands in back wages.

Now it's closed, and it's the teacher's last chance for payback.

"I have no words for it. I'm so angry inside. It just hurts," described Kai Baltimore, a former teacher at the Davidson Community Daycare Center.

Since 1998, she's taught pre-K there.

But, last spring she stopped getting paid.

"I am owed $5,537.54 now," said Baltimore.

That's a problem for a single mom facing tens of thousands in student loans.

"I am depressed, I cried. I got anxiety attacks because I don't know when my money is coming," said Baltimore.

On top of that, the daycare center didn't pay Kai's accident and life insurance, even though the money was deducted from her pay.

"I feel like I've been stabbed in the back," said Diane Call, a former employee of the Davidson Community Daycare Center.

Diana Coll also worked at the center.

She also contributed to life insurance that the center never paid.

"I have two children I need to provide for, something happens to me, I want to make sure they're covered," said Coll.

Friday the center was essentially closed down.

The executive director and the book keeper are the only ones who kept their jobs.

Kai visited the center one last time, but this time 7 On Your Side went with her.

The director admitted to us, mismanagement caused the money mess.

After an hour in their offices, we made some progress.

"Oh was I ever surprised. Can you believe it? It takes you, 7 On Your Side to help us out in order for them to write a check, amazing. After six months, amazing," said Baltimore.

Kai, Diane and one other employee all got checks to help reinstate their insurance.

"Words just cannot express how I feel. I'm just really, really excited. I'm so grateful," expressed Coll.

The check is a small consolation to Kai who is still out more than five grand in salary.

"Please I need this, the mayor, the governor, the city comptroller, I need your help," pleaded Baltimore.

The city's Administration for Children's Services says they've been in charge of the center's finances since July.

But, despite a month of calls from us, it refuses to pay Kai one dime.

But you know who's been in their payroll since the summer? The person who admitted she was responsible for the center's financial woes, its director.

When we questioned that, ACS fired her the very next day.