Hoboken 2010 St. Patty's Day Parade celebration

March 6, 2010 3:35:40 PM PST
Everyone was Irish for the day in Hoboken, where the wonderful weather, only added to this year's Saint Patrick's Day Parade, and yes there was drinking going on. "I came from Manhattan and everybody was drinking and getting tickets on the PATH," said Sheryl Denning, a parade goer.

Drinking is part of a problem that has angered some in Hoboken in recent years.

The bars are allowed to open by 9 in the morning, and last year, concerns about public drinking and rowdiness reached an all-time high.

"There were bottles being thrown, there was public urination everywhere, I mean, I saw at least 10 people myself," described Dawn Zimmer, the Mayor of Hoboken.

So this year, every officer in the town was working.

Anyone caught drinking or urinating in the street could face a $2,000 fine.

If your apartment or balcony was found to be overcrowded, you could face a $1,000 fine.

While Eyewitness news saw typical rowdiness, things never really seemed out of control.

After all, the Girl Scouts were out, and so were babies, and even a few people who were actually visiting from Ireland.

"Go n-éirí an bóthar leat, it means, may the road rise with you," said Andy Leyland, an Irish parade goer.

The town even managed to flush out the public urination problem by setting up some green port-o-potties as the parade marched on.

After the parade, the crowd dispersed off the street and into the bars to party into the night.