Woman struck and killed in church parking lot

March 7, 2010 6:07:21 PM PST
An out-of-control car ran over several people in a church parking lot Sunday, killing one woman. Authorities say the elderly driver accidentally put his car in reverse and hit the crowd of people. It happened outside of a Korean church along McDonald Avenue near Avenue T in the Gravesend section of Brooklyn.

It's a very sad day for the people who came to the church to worship and celebrate, but leave in pain and disbelief. Parishioners walked out of the church sobbing and hugging each other.

The 72-year-old man driving a 2010 Mercedes apparently lost control of the car and hit the crowd. Many people were able to jump out of the way, but six people had to be rushed to the hospital. 40-year-old Sung Won Cho died at the scene.

Four people suffered minor injuries, including a young boy.

There are no arrests at this time, and no criminality is suspected.