Teen dies in hit and run in the Bronx

March 8, 2010 2:37:50 PM PST
Police continue the search for a hit-and-run driver who killed a teenager in the Bronx."He said, 'Mom, I'll be right back.' I said ok, but he never came back," Skeeter Nedd said.

Her son, Keon Nedd, is who never walked back into the Rosedale Avenue home where the 17 year old lived with his family.

Keon was walking home around 1:00 in the morning about four blocks away on the sidewalk along White Plains Road.

Police say the driver of a Green Honda lost control of the vehicle. The vehicle flipped and careened into Keon, pinning the teenager who moments later died alone, surrounded by debris from the crash.

The driver took off on foot and is still out there. Sources told Eyewitness News that the car had been stolen on Sunday.

Relatives are begging the suspect, who police believe maybe injured, to step forward.

"Do you have a conscious? For the name of God's sake, I'm praying. Turn yourself in to authorities so that we can get down to the bottom of this accident," Carol George, victim's grandmother, said.

Keon was the oldest of four, a 10th grader at Christopher Columbus High School who liked working on cars.

"He's known everywhere. He's like my little brother. I've known him two years, but it felt like a lifetime," one resident told us.

His friends were devastated by the news, and said they cried a thousand tears for the boy who loved to dance.

His mother had to identify her child by looking at pictures of him after the crash.

"It was horrible. Just seeing that alone broke my heart. That's my baby regardless if he's 17. You don't treat an animal like that, so how can you treat a human life like that," his mother said.