NYC owner: Fish is 43 and weighs 20 pounds

The News Leader

March 8, 2010 5:30:03 AM PST
It sounds fishy but a New York City pet shop owner says it's true. Buttkiss, the black pacu he owns, is 43 and weighs 20 pounds.

A pacu is a breed that's related to the piranha.

Steve Gruebel owns Cameo Pet Shop in Queens. He got Buttkiss in 1967 when he was just a wee thing. He sold him a year later when Buttkiss was two inches long. But in 1970, Buttkiss was returned when he outgrew the buyer's tank.

Buttkiss lives in only a four-foot-long, 75-gallon tank. Gruebel says he's afraid to move him because he may not survive the changing environment.

Buttkiss is beginning to show his age. He has arthritic gills and glaucoma in his right eye.