Man killed in police-involved shooting near school

March 8, 2010 8:40:07 PM PST
A man was shot and killed by police outside of an elementary school in Brooklyn Monday.Monday night, the suspect's family is understandably distraught and critical of police actions.

The shooting happened on this sidewalk, shortly after PS 194 let out for the day.

The school children weren't in danger.

But, some neighborhood children witnessed what happened, and they will likely never forget it.

At the suspect's home a family member yelled through the screen door saying, "somebody thought it was a great idea to shoot that many times in the yard."

They have questions about the shooting, and why police fired 3 times.

"He was a good kid and he took off today to enjoy the weather," said George D'Amato's family.

But, they did not offer an explanation for this fake gun.

Police say the suspect appeared to point the silver "imitation gun" in the direction of one of the officers.

That's when police say they fired.

"I heard the cop say, he pulled a gun on me. That's all I heard," said Maureen Quinn, a witness.

The shooting happened at about 3:10 in the afternoon.

About a half hour earlier, nearby PS 194 had dismissed for the day.

"First I hear one gunshot, and then I see I cop shooting his gun across the street," said Rahman Amer, a witness.

The shooting not only rattled kids, but stunned a lot of adults as well.

At Ps 194, teachers decided they'd be better off in the school.

"We stayed in the building for safety purposes," said a teacher.

On the sidewalk near the playground where kids should have been playing, a suspect was down.

"I went to tell my mom. You don't see that everyday," said a witness.

Police are pointing to this fake gun, as part of the reason why.