Peekskill residents upset over 'SNL' comment

March 8, 2010 2:39:47 PM PST
Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update is one of TV's most satirical skits. They take shots at everybody. But a recent shot at the city of Peekskill has apparently upset some people. Mayor Mary Foster is unhappy that Peekskill was called a hellhole.

The skit featured Fred Armisen playing Governor David Paterson, who details his future plans now that he's not seeking a full four-year term.

"Well I'm gonna do a farewell tour of upstate New York," Armisen said during the skit. "Hellholes like Plattsburgh and Peekskill."

That deragatory description did not sit well with Foster, who defended her city during an afternoon news conference.

"Unfair in a city with the wonderful diversity that we have," she said. "We work very hard in not saying things to other people that could be viewed as offensive."

The skit not only poked fun at Peekskill the place, but also the people of Peekskill.

"I'm going to give those rock eaters something to cheer about," Armisen said. "Those freaks love me up there."

"I don't think it's fun," resident Sandy Allen said. "You shouldn't make fun like that, because residents like myself that has been born and raise here, with my family, I don't think that's right. Peekskill is really changing. It's upgrading."

"I think the writers for Saturday Night Live and their comedians have rocks in their heads," resident George Endeck said. "And I think it's a grave offense to the people of Peekskill."

Foster pointed out Peekskill is the birthplace of former Governor George Pataki and of NBA star Elton Brand. It's home to the historic Paramount Center for the Arts, where former SNL guest stars George Carlin and Lily Tomlin once performed. She said it is not a hell hole by any means.