Dangers of black market plastic surgery

March 8, 2010 3:46:02 PM PST
Women around the world have paid thousands of dollars to plastic surgeons to improve their look from behind. Information on the internet about buttocks enhancement gets hundreds of thousands of hits.

"I've heard about it, don't need it, if I did, I might," said Sandy Cortes, a woman who might consider surgery.

New Jersey's health department is looking into 6 cases of women who did, but on the cheap.

They went to an unlicensed person who injected them with industrial grade silicone.

"You can buy it at Home Depot, they reduce it and inject it," explained Dr. Steven Marcus, of the New Jersey Poison Control System.

Five Essex County women and 1 from Union County, all between the ages of 22 and 42, were injected, and became infected. Dr. Marcus says medical grade silicone is sterile, the industrial grade that was used, is not.

"In addition, it can have other ingredients that can harm the body," said Dr. Marcus.

The health department is still trying to find the person or people who performed the injections, which are far cheaper than using a licensed physician and done under questionable circumstances.

A few women we spoke to could not imagine taking such a risk.

"Women should love themselves as they are," said Deirdra Herring, a Newark resident.

"If someone's telling them they don't look good, they should get away from them," said Taylor Key, a Newark resident.

Fortunately, none of the women faced life threatening situations this time.

"That doesn't mean it can't happen. If it goes to a vein it can cause heart attack or stroke," warned Dr. Marcus.