NJ judge gives complaining neighbor second chance

The News Leader

March 11, 2010 7:29:00 AM PST
An 84-year-old partially blind and deaf New Jersey woman who the mayor calls "toxic" has six months to get along with her neighbors. Otherwise, a judge told Susanna Reinhardt on Wednesday that she might stand trial for harassment if she doesn't end her unfounded complaints.

Reinhardt has called police 35 times in the past three years.

The township clerk says Reinhardt calls town officials an average of three to five times a week.

The charges stem from a November incident. Neighbor Gene Alonso said Reinhardt showed up at his front door around 11 p.m. and demanded that he trim his shrubs along a sidewalk.

Officials found nothing wrong.

Reinhardt told the judge she understood the terms of his offer.

But she also said she can't walk past her neighbor's house "because of the bushes."