Using baseball in classroom to learn math

March 11, 2010 2:54:38 PM PST
When kids are excited about a subject, learning appears less painful and a lot more fun. That's the theory behind a program from the baseball Hall of Fame, that teaches students math.

It seems that baseball has a place in the classroom.

Through a teleconference run by the baseball Hall of Fame, students at the William l. Buck elementary school, and across the nation, learn baseball history.

Combined with other subjects, one of the exercises in math is called 'batter-up'.

"Learning baseball and math together makes it more interesting and easier and if you know how to play baseball, it just makes the whole thing easy," said Allie Mastro.

After a few warm-up tosses, the kids divide into two groups and compete, by answering questions, which leads to advancing along the bases.

"When you have a unique experience, real life experiences and fun, it equals success in the classroom, and that's what we're always searching for," said Principal Mark Onorato.

The program is available to any school, through the baseball Hall of Fame.