Flatiron studio takes spin class up a notch

March 11, 2010 3:24:22 PM PST
It's a new spin on an old workout - a new way to spin your way to good health and really put your cycling skills to the test. Lots of people enjoy indoor cycling, and it's offered at gym and private studios. But one new studio is built upon its founder's passion along with new technology to allow for a more intense ride.

It's 45 minutes on a stationary bike, where the wind is not at your back. Instead, it's at your front.

Ruth Zuckerman got hooked on spinning 14 years ago. She soon became an instructor, and in February, she opened Flywheel.

"I kind of want them to experience the same thing I did when I started spinning," she said. "And that it's a break from their everyday life."

The cycling offers a somewhat meditative, albeit rigorous, distraction. And Ruth's pep talks are meant to transcend class.

"Let's get in touch with some goals," she said. "What you want to accomplish here."

She's like a motivational speaker along for the ride. And to gauge how hard you're working, each bike is equipped with a digital monitor that shows your speed and output. Plus you can compare yourself to other riders on the "torqboards."

Not up for the public display? No problem. Flywheel's Web site allows you to privately monitor your performance.

And the numbers can encourage you to get back in the saddle and get into shape.

Flywheel is located at 39 West 21st Street in the Flatiron District. They are also planning to open an Upper West Side studio in the coming weeks.

For more information, visit FlywheelSports.com.