Private tutors for college entrance test preparations

September 23, 2010 11:46:11 AM PDT
Many students and parents are turning to private tutors to get a leg up on college entrance test preparation."I like smaller lessons just because I learn easier," said one student, "I mean, I can go at my own pace and that's what I really like."

"It's a very, very personalized service. We look at the student's needs and we adapt our teaching methodology to address what the student most needs," said Eric Greenberg, the company's founder.

Eric Greenberg employs the team of test prep tutors.

Some of his clients pay a few hundred dollars per hour, for one-on-one sessions.

"It's a hefty investment, no two ways about it," said Sandy Bass, a parent.

But, we're told clients pay based on income.

"We do work on a sliding scale," explained Greenberg.

These parents feel paying top dollar is worth the price.

"I mean, we've seen that with our older son, whose scores went up dramatically from his first PSAT to his final PSAT," said a parent.

"They teach you how to interact in a testing environment, and how to use the knowledge you've learned in that environment," said a student.

The students who use this service tell us that perhaps its biggest advantage over being part of a test prep class, is the fact that the individual instruction makes them able to focus on their academic weaknesses.

Some parents feel success is still up to the individual student.

"You can spend the money, but if your child isn't going to do the work or put in the time and do the homework, in addition to their school homework, it's money wasted," said Sandy Bass.