Senior citizens tap their way to healthy bodies, minds

March 15, 2010 3:14:39 PM PDT
We know it's important to stay fit as we age. And for some senior citizens, they're doing that through dance. But it doesn't just benefit their bodies. It helps their minds and their social lives. And throughout the class, they're smiling and sweating, and that's a combination worth learning.

Once a week, these feet get tapping. And those ladies may be a little older than you might expect.

When Dora Chu chiang dances, she's young again. That seems to be the case for all these women..

Chu will be 72 next month, and nothing keeps her from class.

Jeremy Long has been teaching tap at the Educational Alliance for a year.

He says seniors make the best students.

"The seniors, they really want to learn, while the kids, mom and dad made me," he said. "Where the seniors, they want to learn and they want to be pushed, which is excellent."

There's certainly a physical component, but that's not the main reason Joanne Floyd likes to dance is for the psychological break. But dancing also helps keep them sharp. And there's the camaraderie.

Recently, some of the Educational Alliance programs have been cut because of funding issues. But these ladies, hope to tap their way to better days.

Because when they dance, they are forever 21.

The seniors pay just $60 a year for access to all programs at the Educational Alliance. And 60 percent of its members are 70 or older.

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