Fashion Week goes live online

February 16, 2011 12:43:42 PM PST
In New York City, one of the fashion capitals of the world, the designs presented during Fashion Week are highly anticipated. A seat in the audience of one of these fashion shows used to be a rare occurrence that was only offered to a select few. However, this year a growing number of designers are choosing to stream their shows live on the internet for the first time. The change gives fashion lovers around the globe the opportunity to have a front row experience. The fashion world is quickly catching on to the tremendous benefits of live streaming, with five times more designers participating than a year ago.

"You don't wait for the papers to come out the next day because you have everything happening in the moment. For me, it's absolutely incredible," says designer Carolina Herrera.

Another designer, Marc Bouwer, took things a step further and filmed his collection in 3D.

As designers continue to dabble in this medium, the word quickly spreads about the latest fashions, which can generate sales and recognition.

"We have social networking, which means that as soon as they see it, they're talking about it on Facebook, on Twitter, so you have your audience now marketing for you, marketing your products, marketing your fashion," says Lance Ulanoff of

On the other hand, there are some risks for designers who decide to venture into cyberspace.

"People are going to go out there and may not understand what they are seeing and the designer can't be sitting in your living room next to you going what I intended with this tissue paper dress was that people would wear something underneath," adds Lance.

Either way, many viewers are grateful for the chance to see things up close and personal before any of the new designs hit the stores.

There are several websites listed below where viewers can watch live runway shows from Fashion Week.