Getting money back from storm insurance claims

Seven On Your Side
March 16, 2010 3:18:10 PM PDT
Eyewitness News has been showing you the storm damage, and now we talk about the fix. All the repairs to roofs, cars, and basements will add up, which is why most people have insurance. However, getting all the forms filled out and getting your money can be frustrating.

Before your favorite tree gets mulched to bits you should have called your insurance agent. Inform your agent right away so they can report your claim, walk you through the process and send out an adjustor.

It's important to document damage. Take pictures or video so you have intangible evidence to support your claim. Try to take photos before anything is moved. But don't wait to make safety repairs yourself.

Christine Coster's State Farm insurance agency has been inundated with claims related to the back to back storms the area has endured. State Farm even flew in extra adjustors from around the country to handle the overwhelming number of claims quickly so clients don't have to wait.

Coster advises homeowners to keep all receipts for storm-related expenses, tarps, generators, anything related to coping with property damage will help process your claim faster.

And most importantly, use a licensed, bonded, reputable contractor for estimates and to do your repair work, and remember do not pay in full up front.