How to prevent getting overcharged in a taxi

March 18, 2010 5:39:00 PM PDT
Code one, code four... Code -- what?! People who take cabs are mad and they're confused!

That's why we are explaining all of that today. We talked to two good guys -- Madani and Walter to get the 411 on 1 and 4.

Most customers probably do not know about the different rates, which is why dishonest cab drivers who "wanted" to double dip got away with it for so long.

The "codes" are manually punched in on the meter and the number shows up at the bottom right.

Code One means you are travelling within the five boroughs. That costs 40 cents per mile on top of the base fee to start driving.

Code Four means that you have crossed into another area -- New Jersey, Westchester, Long Island. Code Four costs twice as much at 80 cents per mile.

If you are in the city, you do not want to be paying the rates of someone who left the city.

Driver Madani cautions riders to watch the bottom right hand corner of the meter to keep an eye on the rate.

Walter says your receipt should "show" the rate that you were charged.

The TLC is currently flashing a warning on the tv screen in the back seat of some cabs if a rate has been change, so watch for it. However, only one in 3 cabs currently gives that warning. There are still 13,000 yellow cars waiting for the technology.